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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 18, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 for tte very first time... mettl detectors will be on hand at baltimore county schools this orning. morning.the safety measure was put iito place due to a number of gun related incidents this year. starting today... theee wiil be one hand metal detector at every school.studentt will not be scanned just walking into the building... only if there is reasonable suspeicion thaa something iss't right. righh.the primary purpose... issto keep our schools far this year... there have been three gun elated incidents in baltimore county. this technology has been says successful at other schools across the nation.hhnd held petal detectors are even being used at n-f-l games now. "well i believe it's less &pinvasive, at the ravens gaae last sunday, 70 thousand people were sccnned befooe
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they entered the ssadium" stadium""i know our generation has gotten outta hand, buu ii never thought ii would cooe to " this"while disapointed that it pas... bothh tudents and parents we spoke to seemed too embrace the 7 thousand dollar investment.there are also extra officers clocking innat the middle schools and high schools.thaa'ssin aadition to the school resourse officer... that each school alreaay has. the moss seriouu ccarges are dropped against two p-g county police officers... accused of beating up a ssudenttat the unnveesity of maryland.the two years agoo.. ddringga era - rowdy celebration of the basketball team's win over duke..ccorring to prosecutors... officers reginald baker and jamms harrison abbsed their power. but the defense ccaims they p irst-degree ssault charges were ddoppeddwednesday... but the officers are still on trial for second degree annn arundee coonty executive
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john leopold is making a pledge thissweek.he's promising to reimburse the &pcounty for llgal fees... if a ruling goes against him in a civil case. case.a former cunty employee is suinn leopold... claiming he fired her after she complained hat he made stttement wednessaa... leopold said he is conffdent the ase will be dismissed. anthony batts is one stepp closer to fficially becoming baltimore's new top cop. onn appeared at city hall for his confirmation hearing. &pcommmttee membersswere in place with questions for the designee... bbeore his appointment is made offiiial. (couucilman welch) "i just and any changes that you might - envision ii terms of that community policing...."(batts) phis community policing philosophy in the police departmentt. but morr likely, we'rr goiiggto go to the they need from us." us." batts replaces fred bealefeld... who retired in august after 30 years at the
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baltimore police departmenn. nominations committee... battss nomination goes to the full council for a ffll vote... which could haapennas early as next monday. should a city that's closingg rec centees nd raising jail?that's the controversy construction of a new 70-million-dollar juvenile governor says the city needs say the money would be better funding jobs for youth. 3&3312:04 "we're tired oo peopl &pprofftting oof of black profitting off of locking up &pour children. we're tired of people saying we have money to build a jail, but don't have money for schools or recreetion centers." centers."the mayor says shee wants to meet with the governorrtoodiscuss the propossd youth jail before ennorssng it. 3 today....maryllnd clergy from multipleedenominations will
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hold two neww conferences.... sex marriage.the first will be &pheld t 10 a-m... outside the episcopal diocese of maryland: cathedral of the inccrnatton in baltimmre. aaother event will be held in siiver spping... outtide of saint next month... maryland ch. &presidents will vote on whethe not.eal asssmbly earlier this y- how are you feeling these days? according to the so-caaled "misery indexx... most americans aree eellng &pprettyyokaa... and that coull trannlate into morr votes forr ppesident obama in next month's election..conomiits at deutschebank say the misery index has cccratell predicted elections.tte index combines tteeuneeppoyment rate and thee annual inflation raae.when it riies... it meanssa weakerr econooy and a bad omen for the incumbent. the u-s postal servvce reaches money it can borrow. numbees shhw the
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agency eached its 15- september 28th... and hat pt's cash reserves are running dangeeously run its business... the possal ervice can only borroo money from the barred the treasury from has 3 lending it moreethan 15- billion-dollars at a timm. ssudent loan debt reaches a recood high... among coolege 2201... the averrge student graduated with nearly 27-thousand-dollars inn outttandiig loans. thatts up 5- percent from the year before. college aaccss and success for project... rising tuitiin and blame.h joo market areeto - pids and cops... teaming up to learn."badges for baseball"... a juvenile crime prevention programmcreeted by he cal riiken ssnnor foundation... waa launched wednesday in west . baltimore.the program is fuuded thhough a partnership with the "washhngton baltimore high intensity drug about tuuning kids into ioo -3 &phelping attriss kids learn tt
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the reason why its a field of who are simply lloking for ds applauss that's all hee are looking forrsomebody toocare about them somebody to applaad them hey simply want to belong. belong....more than 50 kids fromm est baltimore played wednessay... along with dozens of pplice trainees. "gino's burgers" continues it's comeback. the fast the famous baltimooe colts star used to have mooe than 300 locations, before being sold in the 1980's. today joee d. smith is live in -op. glen burnie tt ee what maaks this pot a target for gino's, at that location. d. the first gino's openee n
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1957. hamburgers were 15 cents. 3 3 3 3- coming up on the early
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edition... an online class... with thousands of sttdents. studdnts.
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5:42 am "the rood not em - taken"... a traveler comes to
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&pdecide which way to go.well, decided tt be literal... and road.the man who nappee thh photo describessthe fork as about six-feet high aad made of wood painttd shhny silver. the city is expecced to removee the artwork. ((2-sshtttoss to weather)) ((ad ib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporttr 3 3
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))
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33p 440mapp- 33 3 coming p... practice field.. back on thh
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ffeld.howwthe ravees are handling his return. 311:31:29 "if i'm gonna be a days, records don't make you money anymore. .. that's not the way it goes." onlineehoo a drummer is purning his ttlent into a &pglobal business. ((break )) 3 today gaming generates aboutredn dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven. i'm voting for question seven.
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. he went from drumming in hii parentss'baaement ... to touring aroond the world with pis a pikesville
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native issusing his creative this morninn's sful explains..."bandwwth a purpose." purpose." ((start with video of his band performing)it'ssmetal music with a marylandd eat. "periphery" - has performed live n sttges acrosssthe world....but when the bandds on hiatus...drummer matt his parent's basementccmes back to his parrnts' baseeent in pikesvilll.11:33:04 "i eed income."10:46:47 - begiis my playing again (tight hot of most musiciaas' accounts... ggnna be a successful musician these days, records don't make you money anymore. .. that's nnttthe way it goes."11:06:21 - nats of fast appingso... a few yyarr ago.. matt ound a pay to make monee... bb tapping intt his talent... (nats taps on sttcks)11:45:02 pso keep ttat in your mindd" (starts drumming)and he founn teaching lessons... is much more luuraaive online... 10:26:39 "hello. can you hear me?...... so be created the site...... what's up? how are &pyou, man?".... e calls
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bandhappp-dot-com.11:11123 "my goal as a drummer is just make aaliving right now."student... log in - for live leesons. is to play with a livee touring baad."11:09:32 job as a drummer, this is the pllaing (just five seconds) phee live - all over - like england...some arr beginners. othes, more advancee.10:22:24 "because i work with soomany different studentssfrom around thh world, it's constantly ooline and on time with the " beat....10:47:25 "one, two, &pthhee, four..." ((ats of tapping - shot sshhws drum and computtr keyboard)matt is aale to literally - mmnitor his studentt''progress....10:56:42 "it's still gonna communicate tt the audience when to bob their hheds."while helping 11:05:21-35 "so iim throwiig more oo my shoulder intooitt.. pore of my elbow into it..... pore effort into the accents... (sttrrs tapping) webcams... make t
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practical..... to practicee.. perform... and pay.11:21:51-06 "the kids love this anddthe parents really like it too... also, they're saae." 11:12:52 "it'ssa really incredible service really andd 10:49:08 - starts playing again" now the site has ... 155thoussnd students... and 600 teachers.hard to beeieve it all began in aabasement.... 10:50:13 - natt of fast tappinng- stops abbuptly at 10:50:17innsearrh of some extra bucks....11134:21 "i was i was waitinn tables down in little italy down at ai bella restaarant.."no longerrrelying on tips... buu tempo... to pay the ills....10:40:49 "and let's say i had a tempo... da, da, dadadada...""he kiid off career.... that's harddto beat...(moreenats of matt playing)in pikesvile.... at ten. roeder... fox 45 news -
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coming up... ray lwis has surgery... to prepare his ttrn tticeps mussle. placed on injured eserve.n ((breekk3)) 3
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coming up in our 6 o'cllck expected to go way up. - weather... that's being blamed for a bad harvest.
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